Jonathan West has been working in pharmacovigilance for over 20 years, and has been a QPPV since 2007.

Jonathan was employed Aug 2008 to help set-up PrimeVigilance (first employee), and was appointed Director of Business and Operations, and later Commercial Director & QPPV. During 2013, after PrimeVigilance was well established, Jonathan stepped back into a technical role, focussing on QPPV and auditing activities, conducting over 75 PV audits across 5 continents.

Jonathan joined the PrimeVigilance Senior Leadership Team in Aug 2018 as the Chief Business Officer, before taking up the position as President of PrimeVigilance to drive the further development of the business in September 2019. As of May 2021, Jonathan transitioned into a new role of Chief Commercial Strategy Officer, driving the strategic and commercial focus of PrimeVigilance.